Frequently Asked Questions

I have not been a member of a CSA before, and I’m not sure I’ll like it.

That’s totally understandable.  We offer a low-commitment subscription starting at just 4 weeks.  This is a good starting point to see that our CSA will compliment your lifestyle.  Because that’s our goal: finding a good fit for you and your family to have access to the best local produce in the middle of the week when life is busy and good farmers’ markets are scarce.  If you’re enjoying your Share, you can save money by committing to a longer subscription. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.  See our CSA Policies.

I’ve been a member of a CSA before and I received too much stuff that I didn’t know what to do with.

This is a concern we hear a lot.  That’s why we’ve structured our CSA with a reasonable-sized Standard Share, starting at just $22/week of fresh, seasonal vegetables.  You can also select weekly or bi-weekly deliveries for your Share or any of the Options.  And, we provide you with insight into storage and usage with our CSA Weekly newsletter – check it out on our CSA blog.

I’ve been a member of a CSA and I was not happy with the quality.

As a small farm focused on quality production, we pick all of the fresh produce we put in your Share within 24-48 hours of delivery.  It is our primary goal to provide you with a beautiful, healthful harvest.  See our money-back Guarantee in our CSA Policies.

I’ve been a member of a CSA and I was not happy with the variety.

One of the first challenges (opportunities!) of learning to eat within your local region is to learn to eat with the seasons.  Crops come in waves.  For example, you may have cauliflower in your box for three weeks, and then not see it again until six weeks later.  As a small farm, we do our best to strike a balance between varying the box contents week-to-week while allowing you to eat seasonally, as if you had grown the food yourself.

How many vegetables are in the box?  

The value of a box remains consistent week to week.  But the volume of produce fluctuates seasonally.  In the summertime, the volume of produce is smaller since it contains tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.  In the wintertime, the volume is often larger since it contains more voluminous greens, roots, etc.

How many people does a box feed?

How many people the box will feed depends on how many vegetables you eat and how often you cook.  We have single members who consume more than a Standard Share per week, and we have families of four that find the Standard Share to be just the right amount.  We recommend starting with a Standard Share, and if you would like more, you may either add an Extra-Veg Option, or, add individual items each week through our Online Market.

I would like to receive bi-weekly deliveries.  How do I know which week is the A or B schedule?

Since the Gregorian Calendar has months with more than 4 weeks, we can't offer odd or even week deliveries.  But don't worry, it's simply every other week once you get started.  Click here for our bi-weekly delivery schedules.

Can I customize what goes in my box?

For the Standard Share, we harvest the best of what is available each week on the farm and craft it into a useful combination of goods for the home cook.  You then have the option of customizing your Share to your heart’s content.  You can select optional Egg Shares or Preserve Shares, and have them delivered in any combination of weekly or bi-weekly.  And, using our online market, you can add additional seasonal items to be delivered with your Share.  Having company this week?  Add an extra dozen or two eggs.  Want to make sauerkraut at home?  Order a box of cabbage to be delivered.  Our online platform puts you in the driver’s seat.

What happens if I go on vacation or have plans that week?

No problem! You have a busy life, and we get it.  Using our online platform, you can easily login to your personal, secure account and put your Share on hold.  Putting a Share on hold simply extends the end date of your subscription one week per hold.  See our CSA Policies.

How does your CSA differ from other CSA’s?

Living in Northern California, we are blessed with so much agricultural diversity and production.  There are many different CSA programs that offer unique experiences.  Since we think it can be a great model, we encourage you to subscribe to any farm which you feel a connection with or whose program meets your needs. 

All fresh produce in your Share is harvested to order within at least 48 hours of delivery, much of it in 24 hours or less.  The eggs were often laid the day before – we print the lay date right on top of the box.  And we offer a large variety of options and add-ons to allow you to customize your Share.  We combine the convenience of the internet with the wholesomeness of a small, organic farm.

While we have a technologically savvy platform that allows you to interface with the farm easily, we also love the personal connection we form with our Members.  We know many of you from the farmers’ market.  We also host an annual Farm Dinner to encourage us all to commune and celebrate the people and animals that sustain each other through our farm community.  Come Say Hay and be a part of the farm!

 Have any other questions not answered in our Policies? Contact us.

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